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3 tips to use anger constructively as an introvert

I’ve felt angry and generally uneasy this past week. I think that’s been true for a lot of people, due to the US election and other world events. It’s also come up for a more personal reason for me: I overheard someone call me ‘shy.’ (See my post in this blog on myths about introverts to find out how I feel about that word.)

Anger is a powerful tool that can help us figure out what is important to us and what really, really has to change. While many introverts don’t feel at home at protests, you can express anger in constructive ways. Here’s how. Continue reading “3 tips to use anger constructively as an introvert”

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Tooting your own horn as an introvert

This photo, “Megaphone,” is (c) ashley.adcox 2008 and made available through an Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license.

I got a couple bits of fun news over the last few days: First, a piece I wrote for the blog of The One Project (an awesome photography community for people with depression and anxiety) was posted! And second, a short story I submitted to a contest was selected as a finalist!

But there’s a bit of a catch to that second one. Continue reading “Tooting your own horn as an introvert”

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Introverted Music

Music can act as a remedy to most anything, I think. Recently I read a Buzzfeed list of song lyrics to help with depression and I realized that I know a few good songs that introverts could relate to.

This photo “Students – Podium” is (c) m00by 2008 and made available under an Attribution-No Derivatives license.

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How to Use Your Struggles for Good

Do you know what your weakness is?

Not in an I-can’t-resist-an-ice-cream-on-a-hot-summer’s-day kind of way. More like this: what about yourself do you wish were different—but no matter what you do, you can’t seem to rid yourself of this thing completely?

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Creativity and the Introvert

This photo, "Quiet moments" is (c) Antonio Zepeda 2007 and made available under an attribution license.
This photo, “Quiet moments” is (c) Antonio Zepeda 2007 and made available under an attribution license.

I’ve been away from blogging for a little while, partly due to feeling busy with other commitments but also because I’ve been stuck on what to write about! But today, when I’m actually sick with a bit of cold, this topic came to me. Introverts and creativity: how does that work? How are creative introverts different from creative extroverts, if at all?

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