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3 tips to have a more grateful year

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I meant to write this about a month ago: my new year’s resolution. Eek. 2017 is off to a great start, eh?

Last year I decided that I wanted to be kinder in 2016. The thing with vague touchy-feely resolutions is they’re hard to measure… but you know, I think just making that resolution was good. It might have been vague, but it was something to reach for whenever I was in a tough situation and would usually lean towards being unkind.

And so, in 2017 I’ve decided my resolution is to have more gratitude. Here’s how that looks for me. Let me know in the comments what you think and what your touchy-feely or more practical resolutions are! 🙂

Recognize the strength that exists in weakness

In many situations I am often the awkwardly quiet one. Some people mistake this for shyness; really, it’s a preference. Like many introverts, I don’t mind just listening.

But sometimes the things people say about my quietness get under my skin—and I’ll think, why can’t I be a bit more open and outwardly enthusiastic? Would it hurt to interrupt someone one time when I have something to say?

It’s okay to want to grow as a person, obviously. What’s not okay is to wish away your innate personality traits because they don’t help you to fit in (in my humble opinion). There are strengths in those weird traits. Don’t be like the mom who tells her son not to wear pink because the other kids will make fun of him. If wearing pink or being a superb listener instead of a big talker is what you enjoy, then take a moment to appreciate the benefits of those interests/traits to yourself and others.

In tough situations, look ahead

I’ll admit that 2016 was tough for me. I spent a good portion of it mentally transitioning away from my hometown and into a new city… not fun. I’m good now, though, and on the rare occasions when I think back to how I felt, I feel gratitude. All of those difficult days in the past make me realize that feeling content is a blessing that not everyone gets to experience on a daily basis. They also made me a stronger person, as cheesy as that is to say.

That’s not to say that when I’m having a bad day now I think, “at least it’s not as bad as summer 2016.” When you’re feeling crappy, you’ll do no good to yourself by comparing your situation to your past or to others.

Instead of looking to others or to the past when you’re in a tough situation, look to the future. Consider how what you’re going through now will prepare you for whatever is ahead and at the least give you a change of perspective.

Let others know of your gratitude

Another typical introvert thing about me is I crave my alone time when I need to recharge. This sometimes results in me being a little quick tempered to anyone who tries to get in the way of my ‘me time.’ I want to fix this.

There has to be a more gracious way to say, “Please leave me alone to watch bad TV for the next two hours; yes, it actually is more important right now than talking on the phone.”

Um, how about, “I’m feeling really tired right now and would like some time to myself. Can I call you back when I’m done watching four important reruns of 2 Broke Girls? I really do want to talk to you!!!”

It’s an improvement.

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An Introvert and Her Bike

So… what do you do for fun?

This question causes me to stumble sometimes. Do people want to hear that I take books out of the library somewhat compulsively and am a wee bit sketchy when it comes to actually reading them? How about how I enjoy writing, even though my procrastination habit makes me wonder whether writing is actually just a tool I use to torture myself?

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Introverted Music

Music can act as a remedy to most anything, I think. Recently I read a Buzzfeed list of song lyrics to help with depression and I realized that I know a few good songs that introverts could relate to.

This photo “Students – Podium” is (c) m00by 2008 and made available under an Attribution-No Derivatives license.

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Books to Impact an Introvert

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Can anything beat the joy of finding a book you love so much that you have to finish it in one sitting?

I’m sure it’s possible, but for me, reading is pretty high up there in hobbies that I can get lost in. And I love getting book recommendations–but the saying goes that you have to give to get. So, how about we strike a deal? I share four books that have impacted me in some way related to my being an introvert, and you share some of yours. Just in time for summer! Sounds solid.

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Introverts in Fiction

This photo "reading on the roof" is (c) 2008 Raul Lieberwirth and made available under an Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivatives license.
This photo “reading on the roof” is (c) 2008 Raul Lieberwirth and made available under an Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivatives license.

How are introverts represented in fictional books and movies and how does this effect how people view us? While thinking about writing a post on my favourite introverted characters, I’ve felt at a loss to come up with a good list!

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