Hi, I’m Gina. I’m a recent university grad in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada, and an introvert who loves to think and write. This blog is for introverts in post-secondary and in their twenties who are seeking advice on work, leisure, friendships, and travel, among other topics.

What makes me, an impressionable young woman who may have limited life experience,  qualified to write on these topics? Here’s a list of some of the experiences I draw on in this blog:

  • My work in retail (behind a customer service desk, eek) for two and a half years–not exactly an introvert’s dream job, but I survived and actually enjoyed a lot of it!
  • My six years-ish spent in and out of post-secondary institutions–one community college and one university. I think I know a thing or two about navigating the post-secondary scene, in terms of making friends and succeeding in class in particular.
  • That I lived abroad, in the United Kingdom, for eight months on a university work term, and had a blast travelling around when I could. The work was in a residential home for people with disabilities, which was awesome but also a challenge at times given my introverted tendencies. Learned a lot, and (unregrettably) picked up a bit of travel bug!
  • My past and present tendencies to spend some of my free time thinking and reading up on personality-related topics. Also the fact that I studied sociology in university helps some. Why not try to share what I’ve learned?

So read along if you’re looking for advice or for a laugh. Hopefully I can provide at least one of the two. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Gina,

    I stumbled upon your page from funny in five hundred where I had something published under the name Jake O’Toole. If you read my story you can find introverted tendencies. I feel if I hadn’t “lost” my way when I was younger I wouldn’t have been as introverted as I am now.

    I think it’s kind of “cool” to be this way but wouldn’t mind seeing myself being the opposite. Searching and finding a balance, a place in-between is something I am working on. I want to be me and not on either side.

    I enjoy being alone. I like exploring things and places by myself. It’s just too bad I tend to find things selfish and annoying when it comes to others. It gets boring fast. Pretending to enjoy something is draining. It shows very quickly and in an obvious way. When something like that pops up I avoid it or just leave because I don’t want to feel exposed.

    This was a long rant.

    Best regards,



    1. Hi Jake, Thanks for your comment! I’ll have to check out your story on Funny in Five Hundred 🙂 I know what you mean about trying to find a balance – I’d like to be a bit more social but I find myself holding onto my alone time a bit too much sometimes. It’s definitely a work in progress, but I think we can both get there!


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