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Tooting your own horn as an introvert

This photo, “Megaphone,” is (c) ashley.adcox 2008 and made available through an Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license.

I got a couple bits of fun news over the last few days: First, a piece I wrote for the blog of The One Project (an awesome photography community for people with depression and anxiety) was posted! And second, a short story I submitted to a contest was selected as a finalist!

But there’s a bit of a catch to that second one. In order for my story, “The Girl and The Clouds,” to win I have to, er, get people to vote for my story. This means one thing: self marketing. Talking myself up and trying not to feel cheap and annoying. Like, I really want to put a link to the contest page right here, but another part of me wants to instead leave it to the end of the post, almost as if it were an afterthought. Hey, I wrote this thing–you could read it maybe, if you want. It doesn’t really matter to me if I win. It’s just an honour to be nominated *sob sob* (Note: if you do click on that link and read my story and decide that you like it enough to vote for it, I will be very grateful and eternally in awe of you.) (Note #2: I’ll still like you if you vote for the other story, for the record.)

The thing is, I like marketing. Honest marketing, that is. I worked in digital marketing for a while, and it was a satisfying way to help out small businesses. That all changes, though, when the small business is me.

Do other introverts have this problem? You’re fine with talking about other people’s accomplishments and helping a brother/sister out, but you’d rather not talk about yourself. It seems like that would be a common problem for introverted types. I think for me it’s because I don’t like it when other people drone on about themselves. Yes, I love to receive a healthy dosage of what’s going on in others’ lives, to learn how I could help them out. But it can get to be information overload sometimes and that drains me. I’m nervous about crossing that line myself. What’s the difference between positive self-promotion and annoying, don’t-come-back-here-again self-promotion?

But we have to toot our own horns sometimes, just a little bit. Just enough so others can know what we’re about and how they can give their assistance, should they decide that’s something they want to do.

How do you market or promote yourself? Are you confident about it or are you in the process of faking it until you make it? Leave your thoughts below!


2 thoughts on “Tooting your own horn as an introvert”

  1. Hey, I agree with this. I am an introvert myself and would basically cringe when people would give me compliments or talk about things I’ve accomplished. And sometimes I still do 😛 I’m working on marketing myself in a positive way. At the end of the day, all of us has to do it at some point! Great post:)

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    1. It’s so true, hearing people talk about your accomplishments or receiving compliments can be hard. Growing up I’d feel so uncomfortable when my mom would tell people about things I’d achieved at school or whatever. I just wanted to do my work quietly in peace :p Thanks for your comment!


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