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3 Tips for Making an Impact as an Introvert

You’ve probably heard that the world is full of suffering people and injustice. We saw an example of this yesterday in Brussels, where senseless attacks have deeply impacted both people who live there and their allies around the world. We can see this everyday in the news and you can likely find some of it on the streets to some extent wherever you live, no matter how wealthy your city or town is.

Many people ache for justice to be served and for people who do bad things to experience a change of heart. Whether you believe in the power of prayer or not, you might agree with me when I say that often it seems like a miracle would be needed for things to change.

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introversion, life advice

Introverts need people, too

The past few weeks have brought about a lot of changes for me in terms of my living situation, and I’ve just not been feeling like my regular self. Maybe it’s due to a lack of sleep or a lack of structure, but it’s a feeling I haven’t been able to shake yet.

Obviously this isn’t just an introvert problem. Everyone can go through transition phases where they don’t know which way is up or right or behind or what have you. Just this total feeling of directionlessness.

This photo, “Friends,” is (c) 2007 Okinawa Steve and made available under an Attribution-ShareAlike license.

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