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If it doesn’t break your heart, it isn’t love

Is there anything that has really tugged at your heartstrings recently, that made you want to step out and do something a little brave? What did you end up doing?

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Spending time in diversity

At the Happy Wall in Copenhagen! Photo credit: Me, 2014

Recently I started attending a church book study in which I am the youngest person by probably at least 15 years. This was definitely not intentional, but I do really like it. To hear the stories of people who have lived out their faiths for perhaps longer than I have been alive is pretty neat–gives me hope that I might just turn out okay, in the end!

I believe there is strength to be found in connecting with people who have different backgrounds and personalities, yet sometimes I, and perhaps you too, can shy away from making these connections. Why do we do this, and what is at stake?

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Speaking Out as an Introvert

One thing that I have struggled with as an introvert is knowing too well when to keep my mouth shut.

Whenever I’ve had a strong opinion about something, and I thought that bringing it up would probably not do much, I’ve had a tendency to keep it to myself. This is something I’ve been trying to change over the last little while, and I like the results. I’m talking about speaking up when it comes to issues that matter to me like…

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