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The Work-Life Balance Dilemma for Introverts

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As one of my favourite lines from the Simpsons goes, “No TV and no beer make Homer something something…” Whether TV and beer are your ideas of fun or not, you inevitably need a work-life balance, just like Homer Simpson does. One thing I’ve been wondering is whether introverts have different problems, compared to extroverts, with finding their ideal work-life balance. I don’t just mean finding a way to balance paid work with personal life, but also how to balance schoolwork and household responsibilities and such. How do introverts find their happy medium of work time and playtime? Continue reading “The Work-Life Balance Dilemma for Introverts”

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Is It OK to Wish You Were Less of An Introvert?

Are you generally happy with your personality but sometimes feel that there are more downsides to being an introvert than you’d like? Maybe you have great friends but you find that your relationships occasionally suffer because you desire time on your own. Or some job opportunities might feel not an option to you because you would tire too easily from the work environment. Continue reading “Is It OK to Wish You Were Less of An Introvert?”