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Finding Peace and Quiet Wherever You Are: An Introvert’s Guide

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As I’ve written about travelling as an introvert a few times (here, here, and here), now I’d like to bring it back home for y’all.

Travelling is great but, unless you’re rich or really committed to the vagabond lifestyle, you’ll probably spend most of your early adult life working or in school, potentially in one geographic location for an extended period of time. Where you spend your time can have a big effect on how content you are with your everyday life, and so it is wise to try to find those places that feel like home.

As I wrote in my last post, the world can be fast paced, perhaps moreso than you would like. If you want to live a slower-paced lifestyle, you may have to be intentional in order to attain that goal. Whether you live in a city or small town, you can find places that give you comfort and you can even make your own.

Personally, I know I feel more at peace with myself when my room is in order (being able to see my floor is a good sign) and when I give myself time out in nature. It helps that I love the area I live in.

I live in Victoria, BC, Canada, where I attend the University of Victoria. It’s on Vancouver Island (not too far from, you guessed it, Vancouver) and thus surrounded by the ocean–one of my favourite parts of it! For this post, I made a map of a few of my favourite parts of Victoria, an exercise which ended up being thought-provoking in its own right. I recommend you do a similar exercise for where you live, whether by using Google’s My Maps feature or on paper or in your head.

Here’s my map of my Victoria, to give you ideas for where to find your own special places and maybe spark your interest in checking out this little corner of the world for yourself:

Where do you go to clear your head? Where can you find a place to sit to read or study or work in peace? What are the best places for you to people watch without having to actually interact with others? Is anything missing in your life that could be improved upon with resources in your community?

Transforming your physical home into a space that you actually want to come to after work or school can also do good things to your wellbeing. Ultimately what that means for you is personal, but you can check out and follow me on Pinterest to see some ideas that I like!

Share in the comments what the area you live in means to you. How does it contribute to your everyday life, even in little ways?

6 thoughts on “Finding Peace and Quiet Wherever You Are: An Introvert’s Guide”

  1. I have a patio, so when it’s nice out I like to sit outside in the morning and drink my coffee and read my book. It’s a great way for me to get some quiet and inner calm before having to go into work.

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  2. Living in Saint George, Utah. A lovely, serene place. The town itself is quite, its little upcoming city that has boomed. I’m an introvert that enjoys working alone and being alone. It does not bother me. My most favorite and comfy spot to self reflect is in my car, listening to music.

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